Hello Friends!
Just an update! We are open again. YEAH!!!!
Mr. Fred was feeling quite unwell last week. So we choose to close the store immediately, go get tested, and quarantine.
We are all negative. Fred has a really bad sinus infection which caused symptoms similar to Covid. But we didn't want to take any chances. We don't want to be spreaders. We want to make sure we are responsible members of our community.
As always, we will continue to clean/disinfect the store through the day, wear face masks, provide free hand sanitizer for anyone, and require all patrons to wear face masks over the nose and mouth when they enter our store.
If you would like to shop but don't want to come into the mall, please check out our Purple Science Truck visit option or order our science items online.
The Green STEM Play Space and our activities are not available currently. 
We want to thank everyone that sent us well wishes and Woodfield Mall for their support. We wish everyone health, peace, and stability. See you soon!

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