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LAY, LEARN, WIN: In Valence Plus, you’ll build elite Science Ninja teams out of elements from the periodic table to find molecules and win the game! But be careful - opponents might attack you with acid squads, reducing your bases to worthless salt and water!

MAKE LEARNING CHEMISTRY FUN: Wary of experiments with Sulfuric Acid but want to teach basic and advanced chemistry concepts? Valence Plus is the complete STEM package. It's all here - molecule formation, acids and bases, chemical reactions, even advanced concepts like secondary oxidation states. Studies demonstrate players learn and retain the knowledge. Valence Plus is the ideal teaching tool for engaging both high achievers and those struggling with chemistry concepts.

SIMPLE START: If you can add to 0, you can play Valence Plus. But gameplay basics quickly lead to more complex strategies. Should you rely on stable compounds to cement your lead? Or use acids to neutralize your opponent’s vulnerable bases? All interactions that occur in the game occur in real-world science. Simple instructions and an online video quickly show players exactly how the game works. Plus, there are alternative rules for younger learners, and even a way to play cooperatively!

THE BASICS: Valence Plus was created by the trio of two PhD chemical engineers and a New York Times bestselling cartoonist, along with a bevy of scientific advisors. The game consists of 166 illustrated cards with a linen finish in a sturdy box, so it can stand up to the normal wear and tear that comes from kids in a classroom or home environment. All you need is a playing surface, two players, and the competitive spirit!

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