Purple Me Green is the creation of Mary and Fred.  We first began in the world's ugliest RV.  We converted this RV to a small little mobile shop that visited local markers, food truck events, and others.  It is so much fun driving a big purple RV around town.  Now we have the big Purple Science Truck!  Which is more fun!  If you see it, Wave!!!  If I see you wave, I will beep back!

If it's too cold or too hot, you can come into Woodfield Mall and shop for science and S.T.E.M. inspired toys.  Every toy/tool in this store is chosen it's educational value to it.  I use many of the toys in my science classes.  Just ask what the lesson could be and I will be more to tell you the general science concept you can incorporate when your child plays with it. 

When we do open up, you can come in and play in our Green S.T.E.M. Play Space!  We will have many new S.T.E.M. and science stations for you to play with.  And of course, you can come meet our animal ambassadors!  They are the best!  All animals are used to being with children and adults.  Some animals we just look at like our Tarantula Natasha.  She doesn't like humans unfortunately. 

Purple Me Green, The Science Store

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