Science Station Fun for Small Group Outside

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Science Station Fun For Small Groups Outside

Purple Me Green will bring 60 minutes of Science Station Fun for your Small Group to your house!  The Purple Science Truck will come also.  Purple Me Green will provide 5 science stations for you and your guests to rotate through. Stations include:

  1. One of our Animal Ambassadors (Pick one: Sansa the Corn Snake, Trixie the Box Turtle, Gary and Hugh the Guinea pigs, Gary and Harriet the Leopard Gecko, or the Fluffy Chickens)  If it is cold, reptiles will need to presented in a sheltered area.
  2. Engineering Fun Experience or Robots/Electrical Fun
  3. Logic Game Time
  4. Physics or Chemistry Fun Station
  5. Art and Science Station
  • Max 16 participating people at one time, 4 per station. 
  • We will present our Animal Ambassador at the beginning in a group setting.  Everyone can pet the animal!  If they would like. We do encourage everyone to look close at the animal if they do not want to touch it.  Animal ambassadors are subject to change.  We will try to being the one animal you request.  Sometimes, they have bad days and will need to substitute for another animal ambassador.  
  • Hand sanitizer is required between each station.  Purple Me Green will provide hand sanitizer.  
  • Face Masks are required the whole time.  We will take a 5-minute break to let people get some air.  Face Masks can be purchased before the event begins.  Please request before
  • Big enough yard or outside space to allow us to set our tables up 6 feet apart.  Indoor spaces, only if it can accommodate 10 feet between stations with good ventilation.  
  • If Covid Numbers are good 2 weeks after children return to in person school mid-October ish, you will have the option of having your Science Station Fun for Small Groups at Purple Me Green.  restrictions apply.  We will see!
  • Each participant/guardian for must sign a general Covid health statement.  We reserve the right to deny any participant activity that shows signs of possible Covid or has been exposed to or come in contact with any person that has tested positive or shown signs of Covid-19 within the last 14 days.  Symptoms are as outlined on the current C.D.C. official website.
  • Each guardian must sign a participation and photo release waiver before event begins.

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